Unleash The Healer

By Dr. Tim Smith

Unleash the Healer Within

In Unleash the Healer Within, Dr. Tim Smith gives readers the fundamentals, the reasoning, and the action steps to do just that! His goal is to inspire YOU to take immediate control of your health for a better quality of LIFE.

In this revolutionary guide to changing your health future you will learn

Meet the Author

Dr. Tim Smith

Dr. Tim Smith has dedicated his life to empowering and guiding individuals and families to live a healthy and vital life, naturally. He has a passion for helping people change the way they view and manage their health to find and correct the underlying cause of their health issues. Through evidence based, scientifically proven principles of health Dr. Tim Smith has helped hundreds of thousands of people get their health back and live a better life.

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Too often, we are quick to be reactive with our health than proactive. Dr. Tim provides a comprehensive set of holistic methods to live a healthy life, and plenty of explanation and evidence to support it. Even if you just start with adopting just a few of the methods, you will start to live a healthier and more vibrant life.

Adam Hill

The most important message of this book to me is the mindset shift from reactive medicine (western model) to proactive health. Too many Americans accept the idea that as they get older, they will lose mobility and have pain and chronic disease. I don’t want to be one of them. Rebekah Richards

Dr. Tim’s book will convince the reader that we can take responsibility for the health of our own bodies, our inner healer. Through strategies such as chiropractic care,, we can begin a grassroots effort to change the future of all medical intervention in our institutions, and those
who will practice medicine in the future.


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