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Love My Guts Digestive Health Makeover

Here you will find the cause and solution to common gut and digestive health issues. In this workshop we focus on natural, drug free solutions to help your body heal itself!

Immunity Health Makeover

By joining us for this online workshop you will:

  • Learn how to enhance the function of your natural immune system!
  • Recondition your approach to health care toward a more natural, drug-free approach
  • Identify the truth about viruses, disease and how your immune system is designed to prevent infection
  • Expose the common myths about immunity and what you can do immediately to strengthen your immune system for better health


An incredible power exists within you that regulates your body called innate intelligence, and it expresses itself through your nervous system. This innate intelligence helps balance and strengthen your natural immune system and ensuring that you are free of interference allows for optimal communication from your brain to your body through the nervous system.

Metabolism Health Makeover

In this event we show you how to boost your metabolism in 30 days as well as show you the 30 day metabolism health challenge. You will discover natural, drug free solutions to improving energy, immunity, digestion, sleep, weight loss and so much more!

Detox Workshop

Toxins are in the air you breathe, the products you use to clean, the food you eat, and almost everything you come in contact with everyday. While your body is designed to detox constantly, the daily exposure is concerning for your health. By watching this online workshop you will:
  • How toxic overload can be associated with headaches, fatigue, skin problems, belly fat, mood and so much more.
  • How to recognize and avoid these toxins.
  • Protocols to help your body detox more effectively.
heart health workshop

Heart Health Workshop

Protect Your Health Against One Of Mankind’s Deadliest Enemies… Heart Disease Join us at the Heart Health Workshop to:
  • Discover the impact of oxidative stress Uncover the truth about cholesterol
  • Learn about the 3 hidden causes of heart disease
  • Implement quick & effective ways to manage blood pressure
We’ll make sure you will leave well equipped to not only prevent health illness but also to strengthen your cardiovascular system and help your loved ones too.

Lowering Inflammation Workshop

Understanding that inflammation is the effect, not the cause, and understanding the underlying stresses that contribute to inflammation is the key to a healthy lifestyle! In this workshop you will learn the real effects of inflammation and how to correct the cause naturally, without dangerous medications or surgeries. You will learn have a plan to address these lifestyle stresses and help you body health itself as designed. You will get a 45 day plan to apply all that you learn so that you can take control of your health now.

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